Danfo driver spotted using shower-head as gear stick


Things we see and hear everyday about Lagos would really want to make you visit that state, ranging from their thick traffic one has to face to ad fro work, high cost of house rent and general high cost of living and congestion.

Well Lagos is still truly a beautiful place and amazing city with a lot of shocking events and one of them includes seeing a danfo driver using a showerhead as a gear stick to drive his bus.

A twitter user shared her experience has it’s not everyday you get to see such things happens

As seen, a Lagos danfo driver was seen using a showerhead as a gear stick to drive his bus. Even though they are passengers sitting in the bus to be conveyed to their destination. The passengers however are untroubled.

However, as the Twitter user shares a photo;

“There is nothing you cannot see in Lagos, especially inside danfo” – says as she expresses shock.

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