How to identify a fake job interview invitation

How to identify a fake job interview invitation

Many work seekers are victims of jobs scams because they lack knowledge of how to spot fraudulent job interview invites, forged job advertisements, and suspicious or shady recruiters.

Some warning signs of a work scam include, but are not limited to:

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  1. Getting a job invite in a company you didn’t apply to: When you get a job invite without applying for the job and without the recruiter stating how they got your contact number or email address.
  2. The message has no genuine website or authentic social reference: In this modern world, a lot of companies would have a genuine website or at least a social media reference that is backed up with reviews to authenticate their existence.
  3. Grammatical inconsistencies or error-ridden interview invite: Most companies are very concerned about their brands and wouldn’t send out interview invite without considering the use of words, grammars and the structure of the message to be sent.
  4. An unknown company name, confusing address, or informal interview venue: Beware of company names that can’t be found on google, or with confusing address. E.g; when the interview is taking place in a location where the company doesn’t operate and an informal interview venue like a hotel room or church, except if the job is related to the designated location.
  5. When a recruiter request for money: I am aware of that fact that a lot of people act as middlemen(recruitment agencies) between job seekers and organisations and they request for money from the candidates which is very unethical. However, when the assurance of the job is dependent of the amount paid, please beware this might be a job scam.
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Other job scam signs includes; Shady communication channels, refusal to disclose the company you are been interviewed for. Do not hesitate to check out every job interview or company on Google, Nairaland, LinkedIn, social media platforms and confirm address on google maps or seek validation from trusted friends or family friends.

Job scammers are becoming smarter and they deploy new tactics everyday. With time, right skills and consistency in diligence the employment opportunity you seek will come through.

Your safety is paramount, Please be safe!!!

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