Man killed his helper and snatched his car


Giving lift to strangers is now becoming a death sentence in our society today.

This is one of those stories that breaks one’s heart

May our kindness not lead to our deaths, Amen

This story is truly very sad. The man wearing military uniform begged a man for a ride at Eleme Junction, heading towards Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State.

The unsuspecting car owner(driver) must have thought that a military companion inside one’s vehicle won’t be a bad idea, considering the various security challenges facing the country at the moment.

He obliged and picked the ‘soldier’ up. He did not know that the ‘soldier’ is an impostor, criminal and cold blooded murderer.

He killed the owner of the car along the way and snatched the vehicle, but never knew that the car had a tracker as he was later tracked and arrested.

Be careful who you offer assistance to on the way.

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