None of you will ever get noticed till I retire – Bobrisky tells other transgenders


Bobrisky has responded to Nigerian transgender Buchi Alexandra, who accused him of throwing a negative light on the trans community.

Buchi shared a video on social media earlier today, pleading with Bobrisky to stop tarnishing the reputation of Nigeria’s transgender community.

Today, Bobrisky responded on his Instagram page, sharing an alleged screenshot Buchi sent him, requesting his help for an international transgender competition.

Bobrisky, who called Buchi out on clout chasing, said he saw Buchi trying to get his attention on social media. Buchi should have waited for him to notice her instead of chasing clout, according to Bobrisky.

He wrote;

”Hey baby !!!!! I noticed you have been in my dm begging me to get noticed but sad I guess have got too much messages and too busy to read dm. Going around to clout chase with my name to get noticed is bad thou… you should have waited till d day I will noticed you maybe then I can help u and make you a multimillionaire instead of a clout chasing like a shemale pig . Well I bob still remain everyone MUMMY. I repeat non of you will get noticed till I retire bye bitch
My last response on dis”

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