Please how can one handle a disobedient and non-submissive wife? Man ask


How would you handle a wife that is not submissive and also disobedient.

A Facebook user ask this question seeking advice on how he can handle a non submissive and disobedient wife

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We did got some response

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Another advice from a lady.

Do she just started it? or it has Been there since you married her if she just started it then two things involved, either you’re no longer playing your roll as a good husband, or she don’t dey here bad advice from aside, let me ask you brother, if you go out do you use to buy things for her if you’re coming back? If you’re not been doing it pls start because some men will go out and take good care of their self for get they have wife at home

Another lady advices not to result in domestic violence

There are lot’s of ways, don’t beat.. Take your shirt and leave home.( you can take the kids out without including her) set standard for yourself for a while(she shouldn’t have this love love thing for a week)… Try to secretly find what might be the problem but don’t try to investigate her… Women are cunning. If she isn’t ready to change, tell her to cook and once it’s ready tell her you loosed interest(always painful) You can as well, talk things out..

Handling situations like this depends on the woman’s personality and yours.

Someone else advices him to go make more money

Go make the money, that is just the solution and don’t forget u must involve God in it

What would you advice him to do?

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